About Me

A wild me, in its natural state

Somefolk call me Will. I’m a 27 year old video game enthusiast with absolutely no authority on the matter, but feel a strange urge to write about it regardless. SysAdmin by day, I spend most of my free time lazing away on the sofa with a game of some sort, and letting my brain stew up some thinks about what’s going on.

In the unlikely event I do something other than video games, I’m rather fond of animation, comedy and various sitcoms. I’m significantly worse at formulating opinions about those, but I might have something to say about them if you poke me enough. I might also have some opinions on music and literature, but don’t expect anything insightful there.

I also have a cat, so judge me appropriately.

And as a minor closing disclaimer, I’m very out of practice on writing. Expect a lot of inconsistencies, rapid fire editing and bad flow as I slowly redevelop my style. Apologies in advance for you poor, poor language cops.